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The InbodiCo Story

Who are we?

We are professionals, creatives, healers and humans that decided to create a place where everyone could come to learn, grow and belong. Having been in the wellness industry for a number of years, we felt the need to create a safer space with quality and trained professionals away from the other platforms that tend to have a focus on the number or likes and followers rather than the information and value. 

We intend on building this platform with you, the community, having a massive say on how it unfolds. We understand that everyone has different needs and that those needs change over time and we will strive to evolve this concept as our community does. 

But really, we're just people like you. Wanting to create somewhere we can all dare to be our best selves and start taking back some ownership of our uniqueness and what it means to be human in the 21st century.

What are we?

We are an online community platform that takes the fluff and overwhelm out of finding good quality professional wellness experts on a wide range of topics that are relevant to almost all of us at some point on our journey of life. 

We aim to bring you all the things we probably needed and should have been taught at home and/or school but never really had access to. We talk the tough conversations, provide the information you really want to know and aim to get you true long lasting and empowering results that can shift your life in any and all areas that you choose.

How are we different?

There are three key areas that make the InbodiCo platform different to many wellness based communities, and they are;

  1. All of our Practitioners go through a vetting process to ensure they are trained/experienced in what they teach, get real client results and practice what they teach.

  2. We are not a like or follow based platform as we do not believe the number of likes or followers always - or even often - correlates to the quality of the information or content. It’s about value  and skills for us! It is also for this reason we have the Practitioners recording mostly in their offices and homes just as you would experience them if you were to work 1:1. There are no smoke and mirrors or need to highly curate our content. This is about learning, growing and connecting with the people that feel good and interesting to you. 

  3. The members can completely tailor their experience to suit their needs/wants and interests and those preferences can be changed at any time. As can your membership tier and your ability to come and go as you please. We have a strong value of empowering our community and modelling self responsibility as a key characteristic of every single InbodiCo community member and practitioner. 

Why choose us?

Choose us because it feels good for you. Choose us because we inspire something deep in your belly. Because you can feel the energy and intention behind the platform. Choose us because you feel curious to learn more. 

Choose us because you feel excited by the options, the diversity and because you can feel the amazing scope and growth this platform has to offer. 

Again.... Choose us because it feels good. And if it doesn’t then all we hope for you is that you do find what does feel good for you. 

Our practitioners

Louise O'Reilly

Louise O'Reilly Energetics, Culture
Shoshana Sadia

Shoshana Sadia Physical & Beyond, Sex & Sexuality, The Arts
Amanda Martindale

Amanda Martindale Physical & Beyond, Mindfulness
Sue Glasser

Sue Glasser Mindset, Organisation & Time Management
Sam Kate Stacey

Sam Kate Stacey Energetics, Mindset, Physical & Beyond
Tere Currey

Tere Currey Relationships, Mindset, Physical & Beyond, Mindfulness

What to expect

Expect quality. Expect variety. Expect a safe space to learn and grow and somewhere that can really take you out of your comfort zone. 

Practically you can expect every Practitioner who comes on board to have created a value and experientially packed video series for you to learn from. You will not be left there though. It is super important to us that you always have many options of continual and individual support if you so choose. So any Practitioner you learn from you will have the ability to have direct contact with to ask questions and make comments and continue on with them to do more learning if you so please.

Values we share

Every Practitioner is individually vetted to ensure they share the same attributes and values that our community has been founded on. This means they… Only teach what they know; Care about you as an individual; Practice what they teach; Want you to NOT need them at the end of the day as the goal is to empower you on your journey; Understand they and their teachings are not for everyone and nor do they need be. 

We take our duty of care very seriously because your health and wellbeing matter.

Try it on

'Maharaja Pranayama': 3 Chamber Breath Practice Birdee Renee Rose

Birdee Renee Rose


Give yourself this 15 mins to calm your mind right down through this easy guided practice. Connect to your breath and see how free you can be.

Ageless Inside Out Sam Kate Stacey

Sam Kate Stacey


Another information packed video where you will learn all about our bodies natural ways of looking after us and staying young that our current lifestyles often inhibit.

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Our community

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Creators of InbodiCo
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How to join

Follow this simple 3 step process to set up your InbodiCo membership today. See you inside!


Once you've made the choice to start your 7 Day Free Trial, click 'Join Us Today' and fill in all the relevant details. We do not pass out your information to any other parties it is all safe and protected.


To get the most of of your InbodiCo experience, be sure to do the 3 quick 'Tailor Your Experience' questions which will ensure you see more of what you want to see. You can alter these at any time in your 'InbodiMe' Profile.


Click around and enjoy! You can check out more information on classes, series and your favourite Practitioners by using the navigation bar on the top left of the page once you're logged in.

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I've tried online platforms before and didn’t benefit, how is this different?

I mean there are so many wellness communities, it’s tough to say how we are different to all, but we can tell you this... We support science and psychology AND we support esoteric and spiritual practices. We do NOT believe it is one size fits all. We DO believe every person has the capacity to get in further touch with their own UNIQUE guidance system and use that to choose what feels best for them through experiencing diversity in a safe environment. 

We also are proactively choosing our Practitioners based on three things. They have relevant experience and training in their area of expertise; They have positive client results and outcomes; and That they practice what they teach in their own lives. If they are not in alignment with all of the above, you won’t see them on InbodiCo. 

We have a mission to recreate the Wellness Industry to become more trusted, ethical, value driven and results based and move away from the number of likes, followers, fluff and superficial bypassing that we feel social media has had a big hand in perpetuating.

So that's how we feel we are different. Let us know if you agree!

If I join, what difference will this make to me?

We think giving absolutes here would be dangerous as we believe it depends on you, where you’re at, what you’re looking for and how much time and effort you’re willing to put in. Remember the outcomes of your life are always essentially up to you.

But what we can assure you is this; if you choose to jump in and immerse yourself a couple of times a week and do different classes and video series in this super supportive and empowering environment - you will get a much deeper understanding of yourself, and of others around you which will lead to improvements in all areas of life.

Because once you choose to show up and be present in life and be true to yourself - the rest seems to unfold as if like magic. It’s not magic mind you;) It’s dedication to showing yourself more and more love, tough love, kindness, consideration, and moving yourself past your comfort zone. And we offer you a space to do all of that.